About us

The Advantages of using Aquafeeds Australia

  • Highly digestible (excellent FCRs)
  • High biological value, due to well-balanced amino acid composition
  • High attraction value
  • Competitive pricing
  • Practical sizing
  • Reliable supplier


Research and Development

Aquafeeds Australia has a continuous improvement program. We are committed to understanding and satisfying the specific needs of commercial farmers. We have an ongoing trial program and support industry and institutional research.

If you wish to be involved please contact us.


Work Practise and Ethics

Aquafeeds Australia aims to provide trusted and environmentally sustainable products.

As responsible manufacturers Aquafeeds Australia engage local and global challenges such as;

  • better nutrition through sustainable practises in the production of raw materials
  • protection of our oceans through a fish meal replacement program
  • sustainability
  • energy efficiency
  • recycling and composting bi-products
  • ethical animal production
  • Considering future generations

Aquafeeds Australia chooses like-minded suppliers where possible.











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